Jeff Smith

Atmospheric Scientist & Technologist


Jeff is from the Joplin area, been a life long resident of SWMO. He has had a drive for weather analysis since his early days. He also has a great understanding of technology and software, this is where his career path tracks over the last 10+ years.  Jeff is great at explaining how things work to others and loves to help better software solutions both company and personal.  Jeff has education from several teaching establishments.  He started is path for weather early on in high school. In 1998 he began as a intern of the local (Joplin) NBC station learning how the new back then Doppler Radar worked, he continued on and became a intern at the NOAA National Weather Service office in Springfield during his Junior and Senior High School Years.  After graduation he continued his weather path at Missouri University for a short period covering flooding and emergency operations. The following year Jeff moved to Oklahoma University working with the National Weather Centers NSSL to obtain certifications from JetStream in 88D both non and dual polar, as well as GIS and technology trends.  In 2006 Jeff moved his education path to UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) gaining more certifications in MESO Analysis, Radar Technologies and Severe Weather.  In 2008 Jeff started Joplin AS Weather which is know JOMOWX.  He has a very long history in severe weather coverage, mainly for emergency management and services.  In 2011 Jeff tracked the severe storm that produced the catastrophic tornado that hit Joplin, at the time he had 3,000 followers that what back to back updates as the storm ripped through the area.  Jeff is a highly dedicated person at whatever he takes on.  Outside of weather his career in technology has a long history, the last 10 years he was the Systems Analysist for a local company, he administrated software, systems and even IBM Mainframe. Outside that he also managed mobile devices from tablets to cellphones for more than 200 users.  Jeff has a wide knowledge of multiple technology types. One of his passions in the technology path is working with companies to better software and enhance how things work in a business environment.