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Wednesday Morning Update

Lots to talk about this morning. First off before we get to the severe weather we have a chance for some winter precip to impact the area on Friday morning. I believe temps will be down far enough and with the moisture pushing north into the area ahead of the next frontal system will result in winter mix. Not talking about anything major, just enough to cause some road problems in the a.m. hours.

Now moving on to the main story... Severe Weather returns to the area. On Christmas day a very strong Low system will cause a cold front to move through. With the moisture that is flooding in from the north over the next few days this will bring temps, dew points and enough wind to cause a severe weather event. Current thoughts is this will be similar to a spring event which will include tornadoes. The below local map is the best area for tornadoes on Christmas day. The cold front will not drop temps down far enough for any winter precip this will remain rain.

I plan to have another update on this tonight with additional discussion in other value markers.