Wednesday Jan 11 Update AM #2

A Winter Storm bringing the chance for Ice looks highly likely. The event will begin toward our south Thursday late night into Friday overnight. I expect the local area to start seeing a rain / freezing rain event start between 3A – 6A Friday morning. The freezing rain will come in waves throughout the day on Friday. Temps will hover around the freezing mark which will cause havoc on roads. We are also looking at winds increasing to around 10 – 15 mph this will increase the risk for power outages across the area. The ice event should mainly impact Friday. Temperatures Saturday and Sunday should remain just high enough to be just rain event. We are looking toward 3 – 4 inches of rain with this system before it exits Monday.

Over the next 48 hours there will be more focus on this forecast to better pinpoint the higher accumulation amounts. The below map is from Wednesday Morning Model Data and the NOAA Forecast Team.

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