Thursday Update

A couple days of cool temps Highs today and tomorrow will struggle to reach the mid to upper 30's. Starting to focus on next week. lots of systems gearing up and much needed precip. Here are the daily graphics below that the model breakdown.

Now the breakdown. Sunday overnight brings showers that will spread into the area Monday. As a Low works through the area Monday this will kick off showers and thunderstorms. Severe weather will be possible with this system. Over the next couple days I will have a better idea of time as well as location and threats.

From severe weather to winter.... As the Low pressure from the last pulls out cold air returns. As the cold front moves toward the area the remaining moisture over the area will trigger a few bands of winter mix. The below graphic is for the 9th.

Taking a look further down the road. This is Monday the 12th. Next round of severe weather will be possible. Starting to feel like we are in spring not winter.

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading the blog!

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