Cool start to the morning with temps hanging out in the low 30's for much of the area. Seeing wind chills in the mid to low 20's across the area. Winds are coming out of the N NE this morning around 5 - 8 mph.

For the rest of the week not bad temps considering its February. No rain in the forecast this week or weekend (for the most part).

Next we are going to work into the long range stuff. Here is the 15 day outlook.

Lets focus on the maps! Cool northerly winds will keep us at bay on temps today, tomorrow a different story once the high moves east of us which will change the winds southerly bringing moisture from the gulf and warmer (much warmer) weather.

Model data, a few things to note. Since winds will be out of the south over this weekend this will bring moisture from the gulf into the region which will create chances for precip for the area. Showers look to develop in Southern OK Sunday and work into the area Monday morning. Depending on what disturbance is out there will depend on how strong of storm development we will see the latest models are really pushing storm develop to the south toward Houston. At this point in time this appears to be just a rain maker for the local area. This system will take some time to exit the area and should shift out by late Wednesday. Now moving on to the next event Fri Feb 24th. This will be a Low that will move out of the Rockies through central Kansas and into our area. This will bring storms ahead of the Low and snow on the back side. So something worth watching. Then we move onto the last event on the GFS long range. Monday Feb 27th. Looks like a clipper event with a main disturbance across Southern OK and AR and a snow maker across the Ozarks and eastern Kansas. At this point this is all model "Guess Work" just enough to note down to watch how it progresses over the following days/weeks.

Here are the graphics mentioned for the model data.

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