Long Range

Its time for the long range. This is going through March 8th.

Monday Feb 27th we have a disturbance that will be riding a warm from coming north which will kick off showers across the area. Right now it looks like the winter precip is going to stay to our south, we should just see rain. This should exit the area by Tuesday morning.

Wednesday March 1 brings out next round of rain, this is somewhat reversed. The cold front sinks back south interacting with the gulf moisture. Not expecting severe weather at the current point in time.

Sunday March 5th we will see another cold front come out of the Rockies which will kick off showers and winter precip. This is a "major" event per the model data and will last through march 8th. Model data is showing this starting as rain and switching over to Ice / Snow event on the back side.

Tuesday March 7th This looks to be the more intense day with Ice and Snow impacting a good portion of the area.

Again this is just a reminder this is model data and SEVERAL days out so forecasting is a pure guess. This is just something to keep in mind that an event could happen and to watch updates on each one as they do change.

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