Thursday Update

Got Water?

Lots of rain forecasted over the next couple days. Not expecting much regarding severe weather mainly heavy rain with multiple waves of showers impacting the area. Starting out here with a Flood Watch starting tonight and working through Saturday morning.

Simulated radar time, this is for 8AM today which pretty close to what is taking place out there. Just light to moderate showers moving through.

Showers will move out by mid morning making way for the next batch to develop around the 2PM time frame.

Now we work into the overnight early morning time frame around 3AM. Showers redevelops and moves northward impacting the area. Again no severe weather.

This is 4PM on Friday widespread showers across the entire area.

there is a risk for severe weather to our south on Friday.

Now talking about all this rain, big question is how much we looking at? Here is the latest from the NAM model this morning. I would say the local area could see anywhere from 2 - 4 inches not much regarding changes in the forecast. I woudlnt rule out a few spots that get higher. Especially further south you go.

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