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Got Water?

Starting next week a frontal system will stall across the region for much of the week bringing daily chances for showers and thunderstorms. Both GFS and Euro show this the best and have totals near each other. I will be using the Euro. The 24Hr shows decent rain events taking place on Sunday, Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and ending on Friday evening. Totals will range from 3 to 6 inches, yes higher amounts will be possible. Tuesday and Wednesday appears to be the heaviest days, which will bring the risk for Flash Flooding. By the end of the week flooding in general will be possible.

Severe weather will also be a concern going into Sunday night and again on Tuesday. As we get closer to the events I will have more details on Facebook. Below is the latest RAG for Sunday. I think the cells will be somewhat limited as they will be working into the night time hours for us, hail seems to be the growing concern.

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