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JOMOWX Changes?

I have been running myself thin lately trying to keep up with the Facebook Page (free general public), Facebook Group (subscription based) and my website both free and paid. Trying to update through all the means has been difficult. Especially on the free side trying to decide what to leave out to give to the Pro Subscribers. I need to find a streamline method of delivering updates before severe weather season arrives. I have decided to stop the updates on the JOMOWX Page (Public) and only do updates on the Facebook Group (subscribers) and continue doing the blog on the website. Anything forecast related is on the website and anything under 24 hours goes to the Facebook Group for more real-time updates. This would allow more detailed informational updates to come out, better severe weather coverage by far. Facebook Live! Events (radar updates and tracking events) will all take place on the Facebook Group for the Pro Members.

Down the road... As a few of you know I have been unemployed since August '20. That's the reason there is now a subscribers area and sponsorship options. I pay out of my own pocket nearly $500 a month to keep everything going. Internet, weather data, radar data, software fees and more. The subscribers and sponsors gets me close to half way covering my monthly expense. Over the last couple months I have been asking myself do I continue to do this or close up shop? Plus, when I get a new job I am unsure if they will be willing to work with severe weather season, praying yes... we will see. Lots of unknowns in 2021.

Thanks for reading my soapbox moment. Any comments would be great!

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