Snow Event Sun/Mon/Tue

Updated: Feb 12

I will not be able to do a video or heavy graphic update tonight. The computer switch-out didn't go as planned. I will have my graphics back and video-casts back tomorrow mid-day. For now the AccuWeather graphics will have to do. I mentioned double digit snow amounts, this is from the AccuWeather EC Model and what they display on their graphics. For now.... I want to stick with the totals ending Feb 18th at 8 - 10" which is my original graphic on FB. Sun - Tue looks to be close to 5 - 7 inches for the local area, A secondary system Tue and Wed will bring us close to the 10 total inches I have forecasted to the 18th. Again once I am able to get on the new computer and get my normal graphics out I will.

** Update **

I am doing this from my tablet so bare with me lol...

The latest GFS shows what I have been thinking. Again I have a 8 - 10 inch from now to the 18th. This afternoon I was thinking of increasing it by an inch or so for the entire region. The latest GFS is pretty dead on what I think.

Sun 1 - 2 Inches (Afternoon into the night)

Mon 2 - 4 Inches

Tue 1 - 2 Inches

Wed 2 - 4 Inches

I will continue to work on this, remember its a growing animal.

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