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Tue Jan 12 Discussion

First off, wanted to let everyone know that I am moving my discussions over to the blog side, its much more stable on my side compared to the forum. I have labeled this My Way. Because? I do weather forecasting and analysis different than most out there, with decent results (most of the time lol). Alright, lets talk weather!

Fri into Sat this week a system will move into the north central states that could bring a few showers and possibly a chance for snow to portions of the area, It appears Thur / Fri there is a chance for some light showers, this shouldn't amount to much at all. Late Fri into Sat the 540 line will dive south and allow what precip is out there to switch to winter precip. At best we have a shot for a dusting of snow on Saturday! If any of the models or local offices changes the tune I will start working on a RAG, for now I will let it be. The below graphics are the GFS and the Euro, tomorrow I will have NAM data which could change the forecast.

Thanks everyone for supporting what I do. I am always looking for more people to join the Pro side, all the donations, monthly membership fees all go to keeping the website, weather data and software at its peak.

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