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Wednesday Oct 21

Several things to go over, a little bit of extended forecast as well. As the warm front pushes north showers will be possible once again today, with highs in the upper 70s today and 80s Thursday, As a new LOW moves into the plains tomorrow winds will begin to switch directions, Wind Advisories should be in place tomorrow, Gusts reaching 50+ will be possible, cold front will move through late Thursday in Friday allowing temps to slide back into the 50s for highs on Friday and Saturday. As the secondary LOW moves across the area Sunday storms will be possible. A few could be on the strong to severe side. Monday and Tuesday will be our coldest days yet, with a chance of winter precip. The chance right now is low, once we get closer to the event I will have RAGs. I have a feeling in the next couple days there will social media posts of a huge winter storm over the midwest and central plains. Models have been showing this for at least a week, however way to far out to start getting everyone in a panic. Again I will have updates to both the severe and winter aspect of this event in the coming days.

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