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Winter Map Update

I am switching over to Pivotal for maps to speed things up. First set of images is the NWS Blend.

Graphic 1 NWS Blend- Showing right at 1 inch of snow being possible for SEKS, Jasper and northern Newton Counties. (Below)

Graphic 2 NWS Blend- Ice accumulations have been pushed just north of the area, however a glaze to 0.05 could be possible. (Below)

Graphic 3 HRRR- The latest model run is pushing snow totals over 1 inch for the Joplin area, this area of snow encompasses Jasper, Newton, Northern McDonald as well as a sliver in Ottawa and Delaware.

Graphic 4 HRRR- Latest has reduced Ice amounts but keeps it in the local area, best chances will be SEKS and Jasper County. Amounts still in the 0.05 - 0.10 Range.